• becca

Online Ordering for 2020 Season

While our CSA is our main avenue for food distribution, we also sell a large portion of our produce at farmers markets throughout the year. This year, the market season seems pretty up in the air! Kingsport Farmers Market has already delayed the start of their season by a month, and Virginia's farmers markets are closed until June. We don't know when things will open back up, and even once they do, we understand that many of our customers may not feel safe heading out to the market.

Until further notice, we are switching our produce sales entirely over to pre-orders with no-contact pickups at central locations in each of our delivery towns. No-contact pickups in Duffield will also be available. Every Wednesday, we will release a list of produce available for this week's distribution. Customers should email us their produce orders by 3pm on Fridays. If demand exceeds availability, we will fill orders in the order in which they were received, so please get them in early! Orders must be placed by sending an email to pollinatorproducepartners@gmail.com. Facebook messages, comments on social media, text messages and the like will not count as placing an order. Customers can then meet us over the weekend for pickups according to the following schedule:

Saturday: 10am-noon, Centennial Park, Kingsport

Sunday: noon-1:30, parking lot of 21 East 5th Street North, Big Stone Gap

2-3:30, Norton Farmers Market Parking lot

4:30-5:30, Whitesburg Free Parking

We also know that a lot of our customers are struggling financially right now. One of the many reasons we love our farmers markets is all they do for our customers using SNAP benefits to buy from local farmers! We know plenty of folks who rely on the double snap and kids bucks programs at local markets throughout the summer. Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept SNAP benefits as individual sellers, and we are also aware that recent restrictions on SNAP benefits have kept many of our customers from being eligible for assistance.

One of the core values on which we founded the farm is our belief that healthy food and a healthy environment are human rights. We want to continue working to provide access to food for as many of our community members as we can!

For this reason, all of our produce will be pay-what-you-can. Our weekly menus will have prices listed, which will be based on what it actually costs us to produce this food to our standards. However, view these prices like the "suggested donation" listed at public museums. You can pay in full, you can give us a tip, you can pay less than suggested, or if money is tight and you need some veggies, you don't have to pay at all! We will not be accepting cash, and payment should be made before your arrival at your pickup spot through Venmo or Paypal.

To receive updates on our weekly produce availability, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to pollinatorproducepartners@gmail.com requesting to be added to our produce sales email list. Our sales will start on May 9th.

This is going to be new and different for us. We have no idea what produce availability and demand will look like. Farmers markets have been great for us in the past, because market managers and volunteers have taken on the burden of administrative tasks associated with market sales. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we beging selling in this way, as we know it will be a steep learning curve! We will do our best to communicate clearly with our customers throughout the season, but please note that all delivery times, locations, and logistics are subject to change. Thank you so much for being part of the community of the farm!