• becca

How to Know if CSA is Right for You!

So often we hear from friends or customers that they’re intrigued by the CSA model, and would love to join buttttt……..

We get it! Joining a CSA is a big commitment, and it isn’t for everyone. How will you know if it’s time for you to make the plunge? Here’s a few traits inherent to our CSA members:

You love to cook, or you want to love to cook: Everyone knows that having lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet is great for you, but let’s be honest: those veggies do nothing for you if they’re just going to rot in your fridge! CSA members receive an abundance each week, so it’s important to know that you can use it. That doesn’t mean CSA isn’t right for you if you don’t make every meal from scratch, though. CSAs can be a great motivator to expand your culinary skills - joining my first CSA in college is what taught me how to cook quick, healthy meals for myself. It can be a great way to encourage new kitchen habits!

I like to challenge myself to make one meal a week that uses everything that came in that week's share. Fresh basil pesto, marinated cucumber, tomato, and shallot salad, fingerling potatoes roasted with fresh oregano, and grilled sprouting broccoli made an eclectic summer plate.

You crave community with your food: This is probably our favorite part of the CSA model - we aren’t just growing food. We’re building relationships around our food. As a member, you become part of our farm family, and we’ll share updates and insights from the farm as frequently as possible. We also strongly encourage our members to share the share. If you ever feel like your box has more bounty than you can feasibly use, use it as a way to connect with your friends and neighbors. Host a dinner party with locally-grown vegetables, or bring extra cucumbers to your Sunday School. You can even participate in one of our favorite obscure holidays, National Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Back Porch Day (August 8th!). One season we heard from a group of our CSA members who hosted a kimchi-making workshop with Pollinator vegetables! How awesome is that?

You love to try new things: While everyone’s thrilled at the sight of a gorgeous summer tomato (and rest assured, a CSA includes plenty of those!), the world of vegetables has so much more incredible diversity to offer! While CSAs do contain lots of your favorite tried-and-true staples, they’re also a great way to introduce yourself to something delicious you may never have cooked with before. You won’t be fording these uncharted seas alone though - each week, your share newsletter comes with recipes and tips for our favorite ways to highlight fresh flavors. We take pride in selecting and growing varieties with an attention to flavor. Don’t like something in your box? Pass it on to a friend - or deep fry it. Everything tastes good if you deep fry it.

When was the last time you got to eat Chicken-of-the-Woods Mushrooms or Pawpaws? Our CSA members got both in abundance this season!

You want food and farmers you can trust: Everything that comes in your CSA is fresh from our farm. There are no middlemen, no resellers, and it’s picked fresh less than 48 hours before it makes its way to you. Customers are frequently surprised at how long farm-fresh food lasts - it’s because there hasn’t been a week of travel time taken off the shelf life! In today’s world of giant monocultures and food recalls, it can be difficult to discern where your food comes from, or what’s been done to it. Joining a CSA gives the peace of mind that all your food was grown with care. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown, and we use only open-pollinated seed varieties, purchased from companies who will never engage in genetic engineering! We stand behind our food, and are always available to answer any questions. Members are welcome to come see the farm where their food is grown throughout the season.

You care about the health of our economy, our ecosystem, and our community: Buying a CSA keeps your money here and supports small-scale agriculture. It enables us to keep farming on this historic farmland, instead of letting it be taken over by brush, and to serve as stewards to the land around us. By choosing to buy Certified Naturally Grown produce, you are choosing to support regenerative farming practices that care for the soil and biodiversity of our incredible region as well as producing food. You are choosing to support local people instead of lining the pockets of a corporate CEO. You are choosing to invest in healthy, delicious, quality food for your family instead of mass-produced vegetables grown for yield over flavor and nutrition.

You want the best of our farm all season long: If you love the food that comes off our farm, but hate the feeling of being told we’re sold out, joining our CSA is a way to guarantee you get a little of everything! We know it can be difficult to get to the market early enough to catch your favorite veggies before we sell out - if you hate getting up early on Saturdays, CSA could be perfect for you. We also have quite a few specialty crops that we grow solely for our CSA - if you want to try every unique taste from our fields, CSA is the way to go!

Cucamelons aka Mouse Melons aka Mexican Sour Gherkins are tiny fruits that taste like a cross between a watermelon, a cucumber, and something sour! They're one of our most popular CSA-only crops