Join our 24 week veggie CSA! 

A Season of Fresh Produce, Delivered to 5 Convenient Locations!

Kingsport, TN  Johnson City, TN

Big Stone Gap, VA  Norton, VA 

Whitesburg, KY

We are so excited to be selling shares in our 2020 CSA! 

A CSA (or Community Supported Agriculture) is a locally-based alternative model of food distribution. CSA members pay upfront at the beginning of the farming season for a share in the CSA. Members then receive a share of the harvested produce for the duration of the growing season.


CSAs are a great model for investment in small farms - they help farmers plan and budget for  the season ahead more holistically, and diffuse some of the economic risk of running a small farm. They also create an awesome community, and can be a great way to get to know your farmers, your neighbors, and your food!


The relationship between CSA Farmers and Members is different than typical producer-customer relationships. You aren’t just buying a product - you become an integral part of how the farm operates. You become an economic partner in our farm - your membership fees are an investment in our crops.

Our CSA will provide a diverse blend of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts grown on our farm.

Farming is an unpredictable business - our peppers don’t roll off an assembly line. You can expect there will be some hiccups in the season and that nothing will go quite as planned. By joining with us as a CSA member, you accept that there will be some surprises along the way.


While we cannot tell you now exactly what you'll get, we can guarantee that you will get the best of what we have to offer at all times throughout the season!

  • Eat fresh, seasonal foods for an entire season. As farmers, our goal is to give you a diverse taste of what our region can offer, instead of the same thing week after week. While classic favorites always make the list, as a CSA member you’ll also be exposed to lots of unique vegetables and varieties.

  • Always get the best of what your farmer has to offer. If we’ve got peas in early, you get them in your basket before we can begin to sell them at market. If our cilantro is coming in slim this season, CSA members take priority over market distribution.

  • Direct involvement in what’s being grown. Have a favorite bean variety you can’t find anywhere? Let us know and we’ll put some in the ground for you. Dependent on when you sign up, members will be asked for input at different points throughout planning for our 2020 season. Joining our CSA means you aren’t just a customer, you’re a partner with a stake in our farm, and we want to hear from you!

  • Support your local economy and foodshed. Small-scale, ecologically friendly agriculture is a way to improve our health, our communities, and our future. By joining a CSA, you’re helping your farmers to keep your money and your food here in Southwest Virginia.

Member Benefits

Pricing and Payment

Our shares come in several different sizes with many payment options, so there’s something for everybody!


Half-shares value at $12/week, and are perfectly sized for individuals or couples.


Full-shares are $20/week, and are great for a couple or small family.


Family-shares are $25/week, and are great for larger families or home canners.

Our CSA runs from May through October, providing you with 24 weeks of farm-fresh foods.


Registration for our 2020 season is now open! Join us today! 

2018 CSA Share Prices





Your CSA will be distributed at a local farmer’s market or community center. We currently have distribution points in Big Stone Gap, Norton, Whitesburg, Kingsport, and Johnson City. We are also happy to arrange pickups at the farm in Duffield. 

By purchasing a CSA share, you enter into a contract with us here at Pollinator, and are entitled to all 24 weeks of produce. We cannot refund unwanted produce, but you are welcome to trade your share with other members or get someone else to pick it up when you cannot

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